www.selwyngale.com handcrafted bespoke fine jewellery, made in Wales, UK
Elegant Hand made Rings. A bespoke gold ring with two blue inset jewels.
Handmade Earrings. A pair of gold custom made earrings with inset pearls.
Elegant handmade Necklaces. A silver custom made necklace, with gold rivets.
Bespoke Brooches. Hand crafted crusted silver brooch, inset black pearls.
Hand made Unique Cufflinks. Comissioned gold cufflinks.
Cuff Links
Custom made Bracelets. A handmade gold textured bracelet.
Handmade Silverware. Traditionally crafted bespoke sterling Silver oval box.
Hand made gold Wedding Ring. A fitted wedding and engagement ring. Silver wedding ring with inset amethyst.
Wedding Rings
Specialist Designer Craftsman in Jewellery : Goldsmith, Silversmith and Jeweller

About Selwyn Gale

My work has been described as modern classical though I'm not sure this is an accurate description - I leave the viewers of this website to form their own judgements. All forms of the natural and man-made world are inspirational. I enjoy developing designs in my sketch books though I often have some of my best ideas working with metal at the bench.

I first developed an interest in silversmithing as a student on a teacher training course in the early sixties (yes, I'm getting on!). My interest developed while teaching, and I gained a Final City and Guilds in Goldsmithing and Silversmithing in the early days of my teaching career. Making silverware is time consuming and has a limited market. I wanted to work in precious metals but to do so I needed to sell my work and that wasn't easy, consequently, I transferred my skills, taught myself jewellery making and developed a keen interest in gemmology - the market in jewellery is very much bigger and if you want to make you have to sell to buy the materials!

In 1969 I won a silver medal in the Welsh National Eisteddfod for a silver and black opal pendant and chain, that was the last time I entering a competition! At this time I was near to leaving teaching to work full-time as a designer craftsman but got married and we needed the security of a regular income. A career in education took over (and was very much enjoyed) but I always promised myself that I would be personally creative again and the opportunity came with an early retirement from full-time education in 1997. I am now thoroughly enjoying myself designing and making without the pressures of having to make a living.

My work is based on the central principles of the mastery of the craft, innovation and experimentation, bearing in mind always a wish to enhance wearers and present gemstones to advantage. Other than my permanent exhibition of work at the Makers Guild in Wales Gallery - Craft in the Bay, Cardiff, I work to commission. Commissions always present an enjoyable challenge and enable me to work with people from all over the world.

I have been a member of the prestigeous Makers Guild in Wales since 1999 and I was elected chair of the Guild from 2002 to 2006 when I stood down. Taking an interestin supporting and promoting high quality design and craftsmanship is important to me and the Makers Guild do a very good job of this.