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I started as a silversmith in the 60s and developed from there into a jeweller.

Last year I was commissioned by a colleague in the Makers Guild in Wales to make a silver box and shortly afterwards a trophy for a croquet club in Chester. I thoroughly enjoyed these assignments and will make more silverware in the future.

I regret that all the photographs of my earlier silverware work were damaged in a flood.

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  • Silver Box, Oval silver box with a flower finial mounted with a 7mm cultured pearl. The interior of the box is lined with English Yew and a flower decoration matching the lid and mounted with a cultured pear. See below
  • Silver box, See above for details.
  • The ultimate engagement ring box, Sterling Silver ring box with a 6mm peridot mounted in a decorative reflective lid. The split pad is made of pigskin. Rhodium plated. Hallmarked in London
  • Silver box as shown above but with the lid on, See above
  • Badge of Office, 9ct gold yellow & white Badge of Office with a champleve enamelled emblem.
  • Silver ring box with a red coral knob, Silver box closed.
  • Silver ring box with a red coral knob, Silver box open.
  • Badge of Office, Silver and red enamel badge of office.
  • Silverware Trophy, Solid sterling silver croquet trophy made to commission. This piece measures approximately 140mm high including the hardwood base. Available to commission only.
  • Silver box with reflecting flower knob, Silver box closed.
  • Silver box showing yew lining, Silver Box with English Yew Lining.
  • Silver box showing decorative inside, Silver Box with English Yew Lining.
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