www.selwyngale.com handcrafted bespoke fine jewellery, made in Wales, UK
Elegant Hand made Rings. A bespoke gold ring with two blue inset jewels.
Handmade Earrings. A pair of gold custom made earrings with inset pearls.
Elegant handmade Necklaces. A silver custom made necklace, with gold rivets.
Bespoke Brooches. Hand crafted crusted silver brooch, inset black pearls.
Hand made Unique Cufflinks. Comissioned gold cufflinks.
Cuff Links
Custom made Bracelets. A handmade gold textured bracelet.
Handmade Silverware. Traditionally crafted bespoke sterling Silver oval box.
Hand made gold Wedding Ring. A fitted wedding and engagement ring. Silver wedding ring with inset amethyst.
Wedding Rings
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