www.selwyngale.com handcrafted bespoke fine jewellery, made in Wales, UK
Elegant Hand made Rings. A bespoke gold ring with two blue inset jewels.
Handmade Earrings. A pair of gold custom made earrings with inset pearls.
Elegant handmade Necklaces. A silver custom made necklace, with gold rivets.
Bespoke Brooches. Hand crafted crusted silver brooch, inset black pearls.
Hand made Unique Cufflinks. Comissioned gold cufflinks.
Cuff Links
Custom made Bracelets. A handmade gold textured bracelet.
Handmade Silverware. Traditionally crafted bespoke sterling Silver oval box.
Hand made gold Wedding Ring. A fitted wedding and engagement ring. Silver wedding ring with inset amethyst.
Wedding Rings
Specialist Designer Craftsman in Jewellery :

Commissioning Information

Please allow sufficient time if you want custom-made jewellery by a specific date.

The process is very straightforward. If you know precisely what you want, and are able to convey your wishes through drawings, photographs etc and have a reasonable idea of your budget please get directly in touch. Please note that I do not copy other jeweller's work

Equally, I'm pleased to design for you provided you give me some idea of your likes, dislikes and an approximate budget. A good starting point is to browse my online portfolio and then give me some starting points for the piece I am to design for you and we will then work together from there.

Stones are obtained on approval from the very reputable stone merchants I have dealt with for many years and you are able to make your choice from a range. I am also happy to use your stone/s or recover them from old pieces you want to bring up to date.

In general, allow six  to twelve  weeks for designing, sourcing stones and materials, making and hallmarking. It can, however, be be as little as four weeks if you know exactly what you want and the materials are easily available and my workload allows.

In some instances I make a prototype to ensure the piece is exactly what you are expecting.

If you live in South Wales or within travelling distance  we can meet if you wish but, if not, we can work perfectly well by email, telephone and post.

There may be delays in sourcing the perfect stone/s or during October, November and December when hallmarking can be slow and demand higher. Please order early for Christmas.


You will naturally be interested in costs. This is a difficult area as stones of the same kind vary a great deal in cost according to their quality. However, to give you some idea of cost, the Celtic influence rings No 76, which does not have stones, would currently cost as follows:

in silver - £90
in 9ct gold - £270
in 18ct gold - £340

Silver rings with a stone, such as a 6mm diameter peridot No. 209, would currently cost approximately £190; in 9ct gold £320; and in 18ct gold approximately £420. Please note that prices vary according to the current cost of precious metals.

I am pleased to give you  approximate costs for any pieces which include precious or semi precious stones and a final price before bench work is started.

The advantages and disadvantages of commissioning


You can be involved in the design process if you wish, or you can select an item from the portfolio of my previous work as a starting point.


From initial contact, the time span from start to finished product varies depending upon complexity. Hallmarking can sometimes take as much as two weeks, particularly around Christmas.

Click here to make an initial contact or you can Click the Contact me about .... link displayed with each product to send a more specific query about a particular piece.