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Paypal Payments

You can make electronic payments using the PayPal system for any of my items which are available for  purchase - specific payment buttons can be found underneath each item, along with detailed product information.

Paypal is a well known reputable merchant services provider for small business.  It provides financial security for me and for my clients.

Your personal details are dealt with solely by their computer systems - and they do not share any of the transaction data with me insuring your privacy.

Paypal also provides an added safety net for both the purchaser and the vendor, and in instances of unresolved problems on either side they will undertake arbitration when requested.

I NEVER send email requests (or links) other parties. To initiate an electronic payment – please use the form below, and ignore any emails you may get from people who may pretend to be me (all my email is individually named and signed).

You can pay me  for commissions, deposits etc. using the form below. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Make a Paypal Payment

Use the form below to send me any amount of money, for example to pay for a commission, deposit, invoice or to make payment of an arbitary amount.

Purchase Description:
Purchase Amount £
Order Ref No.

Please be sure to enter the correct details into each of the three fields above, if you are unsure of anything - please get in touch with me in advance of making a payment.

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