Specialist Designer Craftsman in Jewellery :

Remodelling, Recycling and Repair

I am usually able to remodel your existing jewellery, repair your fine jewellery or sell your scrap gold for you.


80% of the gold used each year goes into jewellery. Buying and selling recycled gold or remodelling is both financially sensible and ecologically responsible.

There are many opportunities to remodel existing jewellery. Often one finds very good stones mounted in outdated pieces. I am pleased to remove existing stones and reset them in new designs. The economical way to use the existing metal is to scrap it and deduct the value against the new piece. I am sometimes asked to use the existing metal for sentimental reasons eg wedding rings combined into one. This is sometimes possible but a lot more expensive.

As a result of the high gold price, there are now many adverts for companies buying scrap gold with sellers often incurring high and undeclared processing costs. I am prepared to sort and sell your gold for you with a 7.5% deduction from the total received from its sale to the UK's leading bullion merchant (you have access to the documentation). Please contact me if you wish to discuss this service.

If you wish me to evaluate jewellery you might like to have remodelled, or evaluate scrap gold you wish to sell, I am pleased to do this free of charge.

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