www.selwyngale.com handcrafted bespoke fine jewellery, made in Wales, UK
Elegant Hand made Rings. A bespoke gold ring with two blue inset jewels.
Handmade Earrings. A pair of gold custom made earrings with inset pearls.
Elegant handmade Necklaces. A silver custom made necklace, with gold rivets.
Bespoke Brooches. Hand crafted crusted silver brooch, inset black pearls.
Hand made Unique Cufflinks. Comissioned gold cufflinks.
Cuff Links
Custom made Bracelets. A handmade gold textured bracelet.
Handmade Silverware. Traditionally crafted bespoke sterling Silver oval box.
Hand made gold Wedding Ring. A fitted wedding and engagement ring. Silver wedding ring with inset amethyst.
Wedding Rings
Specialist Designer Craftsman in Jewellery :


We want all of our customers to have prefectly fitted rings when they buy from us.

If you don't know what size ring you need - you can order a free ring sizer tool from us here.
Free Resizing

Resizing rings is normally possible up and down a size or two, sometimes though it can't be done easily - indeed a few designs cannot be resized at all beacuse of texture distortion, stone integrity or various other factors.

Resizing a ring before you buy

If you are sure you need a specific ring size, which differs from that specified on the sales page of the ring you wish to buy. Do not hesitate to contact us - we can arrange to make the necessary changes in advance of sales and shipping.

Aftersale ring Resizing

If the ring you had delivered from us is just not the right fit, we aim to be able to resize it to your satisfaction free of charge, but, Return postage is at your own cost, and it must have a suitable level of insurance cover. You may have to pay for reasonable additional round trip postage fees incurred in order that we can fulful your resizing to your satisfaction.

We hope you have a great shopping experience with us, if there is anything you are unsure about, or if there is anything you want to know about our resizing process that is not mentioned on this page - please do not hesitate to contact us.