Specialist Designer Craftsman in Jewellery : The Workbench

On my Bench

Here you can find out a little more about me and how I work.


I'm usually working on several pieces at one time. There are different stages in my work which makes this a sensible approach. For example, at the design stage I often meet clients to discuss designs or communicate by post and email, which might result in sourcing stones, producing drawings or modelling on the bench.

I also make speculative work i.e. pieces I want to make and offer for sale. (I have a small stock of finished work available for purchase - see items for sale in the main menu) The design stage can be quick, take a few weeks or even take place over several months, depending on the availability of stones and my client.

When a piece has been constructed, it has to be hallmarked (which takes place before polishing and the setting of stones). Hallmarking can take as long as two to three weeks close to Christmas but it is usually around a week. It is also an expensive process for a designer-maker like me who produces single pieces, as the Assay Office has a minimum charge and is really geared to large scale production. If I can gather a few pieces together for hallmarking this helps reduce costs. It's worth mentioning that hallmarking is a test of the quality of the precious metal, not the quality of the making. I work in all the precious metals – silver, palladium, gold, platinum and palladium and use a wide range of precious and semi precious stones sourced from stone merchants I have dealt with for many years. I also work with other people' s stones and modernise old pieces of jewellery.



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